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In October 2001 we purchased a vacant 16 acre block of land on the Brisbane River at Vernor Queensland. This block is an hour’s drive from the city of Brisbane and an hour from the city of Toowoomba.

In June 2002 Greg, Marysia, Kyal and our daughter Joanna moved from our home in Sydney into the one bedroom flat we built on the block and the beginnings of the farm were started.

A lot of hard work every weekend saw our farm of one large paddock transform into several paddocks made with star posts and barb wire along with a large barn style shed to hold some farm machinery and storage for our furniture that would not fit into the tiny flat. These weekends were also a learning curve on how to run the irrigation system and work our fitness levels up to be able to move the spray line needed to irrigate the whole property.

We planted flowering ash trees along the entire 150 metre driveway making a very pretty drive up to the stables and house.

We started to build our house in April 2003 moving in during January 2004.

We built four stables into the barn in 2005 so we could show our ponies.

When our first Arabian was purchased the farm took on a whole new focus and we replaced the star posts with wooden posts, plain wire and electric fencing. Then we added a steel paneled round yard lined with rubber and a veterinary crush.

In January 2010 we again re-fenced the property into 15 paddocks with 13 of these paddocks having cattle rail along the top of the fence. The 2 remaining paddocks are along the river and these have been fenced with a white sighter wire along the top as if the paddocks ever flooded we would not loose the entire fence, cattle rail and all.

We are proud of the work we have completed and the look of our picturesque property as well as the safety it affords our treasured Arabian horses.

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